UCC & Tax Lien Services

  UCC Searches & Filings
  • Secretary of State
  • Counties
  • Registries of Deeds
  • UCC Search Report
  • Certified UCC Searches
  UCC Searches:

Search for UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) financing statements at the state and county level as you request. All searches include a detailed report listing all active UCC-1 financing statements and any associated UCC-3 filings such as continuations, amendments, assignments, partial releases, etc. The report includes the filing #, filing date and secured party for each filing. Copies of the UCC's are provided with the report unless otherwise requested. Certified UCC searches also may be available depending on the jurisdiction.
  UCC Filings:

File UCC-1 and UCC-3 filings (continuations, amendments, assignments, etc.) in all covered jurisdictions. We will provide confirmation of the recording information (filing #, filing date) as well as an acknowledgment copy of the filing.
  Tax Lien Searches
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • State Tax Liens
  • Local/County Tax Liens
  • Open & Closed Liens
  • Releases of Liens
Search for tax liens at the federal, state and county levels as needed. We provide a detailed listing of filings and copies if requested. In Idaho, state tax liens are filed at the Secretary of State. Federal tax liens may be found at the Secretary of State and at the county level. In Washington, state tax liens can be filed at the county level as well as at the Superior Court. We will search any or all of these jurisdictions depending on you request.
  Additional Lien Searches
  • Judgment Liens and Releases
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Comprehensive Lien Search
  Comprehensive Lien Search

Search for judgment liens and releases. We will obtain open and/or released liens according to your request.
  Mechanics Lien Searches:

Search for mechanics liens against debtor name or address.
  Comprehensive Lien Search:

Search for all liens associated with a person or corporate entity. We will search for any active UCC financing statements, federal and state tax liens, judgments, mechanics liens, etc. and also search the District Court for pending suits and judgments, according to your request. Comprehensive lien searches are conducted at the county level unless otherwise requested.
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