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      Civil Suits and Judgment Searches:

    Depending on your request, searches for pending litigation, closed litigation, and judgments by plaintiff and/or defendant at the various courts - U.S. District Court, Superior Courts, District Courts and others.  A detailed listing of the cases found with any requested copies (e.g. docket sheet, complaint, judgment, etc.) will be provided. Standard searches include: 10 year search, as defendant only, open or pending cases.

    Small claims courts are not searched unless specifically requested. An additional fee will be assessed.

      Criminal Record Searches: 

    Search for criminal records at the U.S. District Court, County Superior Courts and District Courts. Copies of the case file are retrieved if requested. Standard search: 7 year felony records. Must have debtor name, birth date, and social security number. Misdemeanor record searches available upon request.
      Bankruptcy Searches:

    Search for bankruptcy cases at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. All results include a detailed listing of the cases found and copies if needed.
      Divorce Record Searches: 

    Search and retrieve divorce records. Copies of specific documents retrieved according to your request.
      Federal Archives Center:

    Retrieve copies of case documents from the Federal Archives Center for an archived federal case.
      Document Filings:

    Provide filing services of prepared documents in the county clerk's office.
      Document Retrievals:

    Retrieve copies of specific documents from a case. Must have case #, file date and the name of either the plaintiff or defendant.

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