Corporate Filings & Retrievals

  Corporate Filings & Retrievals ( Idaho )

  • Articles Of Organization
  • LP And LLC Filings
  • Reinstatements
  • Dissolutions, Mergers, and Amendment Filings
  • Assumed Business Name Filings
  • Name Reservations and Registrations
  • Name Availability
  • Certified Copies
  • Apostille / Authentication
  • Annual Reports
  • Good Standing Certificate
  • Trademark Services
      Corporate Document Retrieval:

    Retrieve from the Secretary of State all types of corporate documents, such as Articles of Organization, Amendments and Annual Reports for corporations, LLCs, LLPs, LPs. We will provide plain or certified copies as you request.

    Corporate Certificates:

    Obtain Good Standing Certificates, Certificates of Status, or Certificates of No Record from the Secretary of State.  If a business is not in good standing, it will be necessary for the business to requalify.
      Corporate Document Filings:

    File all corporate documents, such as Annual Reports, Articles of Organization, Amendments, Mergers, Articles of Dissolution, etc.
      Corporate Name Reservation:

    Check the availability of a specific corporate entity name(s), and if you request, we will reserve the name(s) if they are available. 
      Assumed Business Name / DBA Searches:

    We will search for (or file) Assumed Business Name Certificates, which permit a corporation to operate a business under a name different from the corporation.

    Provide trademarks searches and document retrieval. Must have trademark name/logo for searches. Must have name/logo and application date for specific document requests.
      Trademark FAQ's  

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